WordPress: Web Design Tailored To Your Business Needs

WordPress for e-commerce

WordPress is an excellent solution for e-commerce-based websites, it is immensely fast and loved by google. This means your site is more likely to rank well for your key terms and the added functionality given by amazing plugins such as WooCommerce mean that you can have a clean easy-to-use webstore with a high transformation rate with access to brilliant cost effective features without having to compromise usability or quality. If you want to see more E-Commerce themes checkout this blog https://ecommerce-platforms.com/ecommerce-resources/20-best-ecommerce-wordpress-themes-for-2016


WordPress website for a small Business:

Its key for small businesses to change and adapt to keep up with ever changing trends otherwise they can easily fall to the bottom of the internet food chain. The main thing that’s important for a small business is making sure the website design is easily adaptable and editable to accommodate changes in terms, services and pricing. WordPress allows a easy navigation for administrators from the front end of the website, and click the edit button in the top grey bar and be taken directly to the page section- this means even if you’re not too familiar with the dashboard new users should find it easy to make edits. This saves small businesses time and money as you can make quick updates yourself instead of paying a web developer, truly allowing you to take control of your website and the content. Along with this, building with WordPress allows your website to grow alongside the business and when the time comes that you have outgrown your website, it allows a easy update and scale up without having to start from Scratch.

Still not sold? Check out this Wired Article on how WordPress ended up powering a quarter of all websites…. And how e-commerce is next.

Blog Design

Going back to their roots, WordPress is an amazing an effective blogging tool. Whether its integrating it into an existing website or moving your whole blog, Its easy! Check out the video below.

WordPress for Photographers:

WordPress offers an outstanding framework on which to base your photography portfolio. There is a mass off additional features that can be attached to further the quality of your portfolio. WordPress offers a massively powerful Photo management features right out of the box. By using WordPress, it has some it allows Image categorisation and tagging making it a great tool for SEO and users to easily browse and find images. You are also able to display images full screen ether on a new page or in a lightbox and you are also able to add watermarking and there are various E-Commerce website features that can come in handy

Worried about how reliable WordPress is?

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