Why SEO is so important?

Google logo on a trophy with two hands holding ether side, this is to represnt companies fighting over the top spot on google.

Be competitive.

SEO Competition in online has never been stiffer especially if you’re in a big city like London. New online business go live online daily meaning it’s almost impossible to start a company which is completely and utterly unique, with zero Competitors. All of this coupled with the fact that a mass number of users actually don’t go past the first page of results and most of these users will only look at the top 3-5 results.

Be Seen!

SEO is all about visibility. It’s all about making sure your target audience find your website. It’s coming up first in the SERP page and the extra traffic that brings. There are a number of ways to fight for SEO placements. We will go into a few of these in a second but remember its always best to let a professional company, like Jones Digital as good quality web designers understand that a website with a solid SEO is important. But this doesn’t just happen by accident and takes a lot of fine tuning.

SEO Is Vital

Consumers have never been savvier, cheap template sites are popping up more frequently so quality SEO design has never been more vital. If you’re going to spend real money on a website, you need to take SEO and Digital Marketing into account as otherwise your wasting your time painting a picture no one will ever see.
Ranking in for SEO in London is difficult but no impossible! To successfully manage it you need to create a business that steadily earn authority from google, other websites and key influencers. To make this happen you need to have compelling and fresh content on a regular basis.

Content is King!

Keep it fresh so other people will want to share and link your content. This is not a simple or quick task and requires dedicated time and effort. Unfortunately you can no longer expect your SEO ranking to go up by stuffing and shoving certain keywords in there, google has a algorithms that changes, the focus is on readability and user intent which is why the infamous phrase that is loved and hated but very much to live by: "Content is King”.  Tags, titles and descriptions do help but just try to hold back from being a keyboard warrior as google will penalise you. Also link a Google my Business page as this helps you rank on the map and with your key phrase.

SEO- From The Get Go

Search engine optimisation is an all-round element of digital marketing. As well as that there are onsite technical elements, backlinking, pay per click and content marketing along with a million other techniques. Most of these you need from the get-go and you need to have a balanced well-grounded approach as it’s too easy to focus and fuss over one element. Check out Jones Digital's blog post for some tips to increase website traffic.

Jones Digital Can Help

That’s why Jones Digital are here, are you struggling to rank on the first page of google? Or maybe you just need some pointers or a base line, get in touch with us today. Every web designers and developer are passionate and understand how important SEO marketing is for your business. Get in touch now and let our team help!  


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