How Are Google Tools Helping Small Businesses Succeed?


Google my Business, which allows business owners to create their own profiles and websites, and is “a complete free product from start to finish,” as well as Smart Campaigns, which Google launched last year to automate the ad-buying process for small businesses.

Trying to promote your small business, Google has several new budget friendly tools to help.

Google already offers a number of tools that are aimed toward small businesses. These include Google My Business, Google Posts, and Google Q&As. But now they’ve added even more ways you can improve your marketing strategy and get your business noticed without leaving a burning hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for a budget friendly easy way to generate market assets for your business read on.

Grow with Google Workshops

Google offers free in person training to help provide users with the tools and information they need to maximise their results. You are able to check upcoming training sessions on the Google training page and enter your city to see a list of the closest workshops. You can see what topics the sessions cover and get directions to the event and also sign up yourself and up to 5 guests.

Grow With google workshop

Free Customised Marketing Kit

Google now offers a marketing kit; you can use this to create free window stickers and posters but also, you’re ready to share social media posts and even an animated video of your recent business highlights.



To get access to these tools all you need to do is visit googles marketing kit page and enter the name of your business. From this google is able to create a personalised marketing kit using your reviews and other content from your google business page. Google will suggest some content for you to use, but you can choose other colours styles and tailor which reviews you use. After you’ve done this and selected all the content you want to use, you can download your kit and keep all your selected marketing materials.

New Promotional Tools in Google My Business.

Google recently added several enhancements to help small business grow. This includes the ability to display your business logo, add photos to a carrousel and choose a cover photo. Along with more advanced feature like creating a short name/URL and sending welcoming offers to anyone who follows your business. If you’re of the most successful business in your area, google has added a nice incentive. It now awards a local favourite badge to the top 5% of local business in their category.

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