7 Tips to increase the traffic of your website

Put Yourself Out-there.

First of all what you need to focus on to to increase traffic to your website is advertising. An obvious choice but paid search and media advertising and display advertising are all great ways of increasing the traffic of your site. Building your brand and getting your business known is key. But don’t go aiming straight for the stars, you need to adjust your paid strategies to suit the goals of your business. Each paid Chanel has its pros and cons so think carefully before reaching for your wallet. Consider what it is your looking to gain from these strategies and adapt accordingly. Do you just want more traffic on your website or are you looking to increase conversions too? If you are hoping the outcome of using paid ads will result in more sales, you’ll need to target high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid strategies. Be warned competition for these search terms can be harsh and expensive but the payoffs can be worth it.


Keep it Fresh For Success

Unfortunately, there is no magic spell for marketing success with your content, similarly there is no magic potion to increase the traffic of your website. But there is some little things you can do to help. Something that is really important to vary the length and format of your content to make it as engaging as possible to various kinds of readers. Find a way to cover all options, included standard news-based blogs and long form content along with interspersing data driven pieces as well as infographics and video.

Go After Referral Traffic and Link internally

Getting other sites to link back to you can be tedious and a time-consuming process so instead just post content that people will want to share a link to. Having said this the strength of your link internally isn’t solely determined by how many sites are linked back to you it’s also effected by your internal linking structure therefore when creating content look out for internal link opportunities.

Bringing back Blogs

Everyone thinking the blogging era is over and because of this lots of people are missing out. Guest blogging isn’t dead and it’s a great way to increase traffic onto your website. Securing a position on a reputable website can help build your brand. If guest blogging isn’t your thing then why invite some people to blog on your own site. You dont have to do any of the work and people are hungry to be guest bloggers and as a result you website ends up with an array of different options and blog topics. Cosequesntly bringing in loads of new readers on your blog  to your site causing an increase in your websites traffic. Click here to see 55 of the best blog designs.

Master the art of Headlines

This is one of the most important tips to be increase the traffic of your website and its one that many overlook. Even the most comprehensive and information loaded onto blog will go unread if it has a boring header.So for that reason its really important to spend some time coming up with quick and snappy headings. Even the writers at Buzzfeed often write over 20 headlines before deciding on the one that will bring in the most readers.  But sometimes we all get it wrong look at how awful some of these are https://list25.com/25-unintentionally-funny-newspaper-headlines/

Is your website slow or unresponsive?

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Fast and Accessible

Making sure you have a responsive website  is key in the new digital age. Gone are the days where browsing was exclusively on desktop. Making sure your website is comfortably available across a range of devices. What goes hand in hand with this is ensuring your site is fast, because no one is going to stick around to wait for your site to load and this will make your bounce rate sky high. Above all make sure your sight is as technically optimised as possible including page structure, image size and performance of third-party plugins. Click here to learn more about why your website might be running slowly https://www.pickaweb.co.uk/kb/website-running-slow/

Finally: Get Social.

It’s not enough to just produce great content and hope that people will stumble upon it, you have to be proactive. Therefore one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is the use of social media to promote your content. Twitter is ideal for short and snappy links, whereas google+ promotion can help your site show tailored results and seems especially powerful in B2B niches. Whereas if you’re a B2C product company you may find great traction with image heavy sights such as Instagram or Pinterest. Linked In is also a great way to boost traffic to your website as well as increase our profile within your industry.


Jones Digital Can Help

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